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Burn free community – Ahl Masr

Burn free community - Ahl Masr

Why do we need a burn free community? ….You may imagine that life can take an unexpected U-turn in a fraction of a second … Imagine a young lady who went down to buy some breakfast to her family & unexpectedly she fell in boiling oil!! … She dead immediately!!

 Some Figures

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 265,000 deaths because of burns, where 95% took place in low & medium income countries.

  • the rate of child deaths from burns is currently over 7 times higher in low- and middle-income countries than in high-income countries.

  • In USA, over 410 000 burn injuries occurred in 2008, with approximately 40 000 requiring hospitalization.

  • In India, over 1 000 000 people are moderately or severely burnt every year.

  • In Egypt, annual burn victims exceeds the 100,000 burns, mostly children & young adults. According to the Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences, 82% of the burn-related deaths take place within the first week.


 children are particularly vulnerable to burns.

Burns are the 11th leading cause of death of children aged 1–9 years and also the fifth most common cause of non-fatal childhood injuries. While a major risk is improper adult supervision, a considerable number of burn injuries in children result from child maltreatment.

In Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt and Pakistan, 17% of children with burns have a temporary disability and 18% have a permanent disability.

Children under 5 in the WHO African Region have almost 3 times the incidence of burn deaths than infants worldwide.


Burns can be caused by boiled oil or water; and can be caused by the exposure to chemicals or electricity or heat. Usually can be prevented by raising awareness, researchers found that 80% of the total burn deaths are due to house fires. Moreover, burn injuries are the most expensive traumatic injuries, due to the long medical procedure, reconstructive surgeries, scar treatment, & the long ICU stay. In addition to the required rehab period before resuming their normal lives.

How to make a Burn Free community?

We can have a “Humanity Burn Free” by raising the awareness & safety precautions in our homes & work places. In addition to offering free medical service & psychological support to people with burns.

WHO has published a document about A WHO plan for burn prevention and care. The document lists seven prevention strategies and discuss them in details as a way for a Burn Free community: Burn free - who

  • improve awareness

  • develop and enforce effective policy

  • describe burden and identify risk factors

  • set research priorities with promotion of promising interventions

  • provide burn prevention programmes

  • strengthen burn care

  • strengthen capacities to carry out all of the above.

Ahl Masr Hospital

 “Ahl Masr” founded by Heba El-Sweedy, to be the first hospital in Egypt & the middle-east to heal burn-related accidents totally free of charge.

Burn free - Ahl Masr - Heba El-Sweedy

Their programs are divided to: medical services, prevention program, and social development. The medical services are treatment & follow up. The prevention program is divided in to pre-fire, during the fire & post-fire stages. And the social development to offer water sources, rooftops, ceilings, training, and fire safety as an efforts towards a burn free community.

Finally you are free to offer your support, you are free to see the burn as a burden to prevent them from living a normal life.

You can even neglect the burns, the burns are from the outside & you are perfect from the inside.

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