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Minimalism Just do your best

Being minimal is really easy! You have to live with a certain blueprint, in both materialistic and non-materialistic ways. I have decided to work hardly on myself to achieve a level of stress-free life that depends on being minimal. According to Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus being minimalistic is not […]


Habits to develop

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Drinking coffee

This week we have a very long holiday since Wednesday! So, I have decided to binge watching some videos by Pick Up Limes on Youtube. You will find in this article the summary of habits that I have learned out of this activity.  Note that you should only introduce one new habit at […]

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TEDx GUC – Popcorn

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TEDx GUC Popcorn

“Our choices do not only affect our lives but also others as well. One un-ordinary movement, an initiation of change, might be messy to follow. However, this chaos and mess of energy is requisite… Introducing our theme for this year’s TEDx GUC salon event: Popcorn. Popcorn is made up of hard […]