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Cairo from Birdeye View

Cairo From A Birdeye View – Mixing Photography With Maps

The scene of Cairo from a Birdeye view is inspiring. The images that are displayed below is a trial for utilizing this magnificent view into a trial of mixing photography and maps. The Story I like photography ... and I like Maps too ... Usually, I Like to take lot of photos for

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Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan - Oldest company Family Business

Oldest company in the world … it is a family business

Companies face continuous changes in market environment, tough competitions, and changes in management along time. Therefore, not all companies survive. Only some of the succeed to remain in market and run their business for long. Therefore, old companies feel proud of their history. That is why we see poster with

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Dubai Smart Bus Shelters

In Dubai, 10 things you can do while waiting in smart bus shelters

Everything is going smart in Dubai, even the bus shelters … While waiting for the bus inside the air-conditioned shelter, you can get use of the minutes and get many of on-the-go products and services. that makes bus shelters in Dubai different from regular bus stations we know.. Currently, there are

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2016 top 10 posts

Our top 10 posts in 2016 … A year in a glance

Hello Everyone … Happy New Year … 2016 has witnessed the appearance of QualityLifeMag to the world. During the year, we published posts focused focusing on having a better life. We discussed topics like Education, Business, Travel, Happiness, Technology, community, environment and others. We hope to continue in providing quality posts

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