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Are you a person with ideas or experiences to share with the world? … Are you an Artist? a photographer, a painter? …

Welcome to Quality Life! door is open for participation

Participation guide:

  • Submitted content can be in the form of text  (word documents), images or a videos.

  • If the content (or part of it) is copied from another source, kindly mention the source reference.

  • For articles, we expect the article to be 700 – 1000 words. However, this is not a strict boundary. Quality of content comes first. Moreover, we expect article to be organized with a title for each sub idea, to be in a good format, spell checked, and with a decent & easy language.
  • Generally, Content should be valuable.

  • The received materials will be checked by our team, then if everything is OK, we will be pleased to publish your content right away. in case we have some comments/inquiries, we will get back to you.

  • In all cases, the Intellectual Property of submitted materials will remain yours. Your published content will appear on our site with your name.

  • If you have a website, a Facebook page or a personal blog, let us know so that we add the related URLs next to your content as well.


We accept participation in the following topics:

  • Lifestyle: such as fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, sports, decor,  … etc.

  • Travel & Tourism: you may x give advice to other travelers, share your travel experiences, tell us about people & culture, or describe selected touristic locations.

  • Business: the scope is open to anything related to how to make a better business.

  • Technology: The scope is open to all new technology advances.
  • Better community: success stories, studies or ideas to for serving community & make the world better.

  • Art: Show your creativity & talent.

If you like to participate, kindly submit your participation materials in additional to this Participation Form  and a personal photo (optional) to our mail:


Kindly set the mail subject as: Participate – <your name> – <title>.

waiting your valuable participation.

Quality Life team