Monday, December 4, 2023

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3D Model, BIM, BIM Model, and Digital Twins, GIS

Difference between 3D Model, BIM, BIM Model, and Digital Twin

Sometimes there is some confusion when dealing with these terms: 3D Model, BIM, BIM Model, and Digital Twin… it happens that one t...

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution … Maps can help

After Corona

ما الذي يجب أن يبقى فيما بعد كورونا ؟!

GIS & Corona-virus (COVID-19) – Selected Maps

COVID-19 … Which countries are recovering? – Interactive Map

New Zealand … Success story of fighting COVID-19

Downtown Cairo, Buildings that tell stories – Groppi


Own Quality of Life - Cake

Simple tool to Evaluate your own Quality of Life

We have created this Quiz below to help you measure & evaluate your own Quality of Life based on a worldwide standards. Quality of Life Methodology, Brief In our Article, "Where to liv



Islamic Cairo - Dome of Qanibai El-Rammah mosque

Islamic Cairo – Architecture reflecting History

Cairo from Bird's eye View

Cairo From A Bird’s eye View – Mixing Photography With Maps

Natural Colors Apple Mango

Natural Colors

A Royal Drink