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Where to live? 2016 Quality of Life,City Ranking

Quality of Life

Where do you dream to live? … Paris … London … Rome … Rio… Tokyo … ? A recent survey studied the Quality of Life at 230 cities around the world. Then, the cities have been ranked from 1 (best Quality of Life) to 230 (lowest Quality of Life). Therefore, you may plan for the future and pick the city where you should live and enjoy its quality of life.

You can check here for the study and the full ranking.


Quality ofLife Map

This map shows the city ranking according to Quality of Life (Green colors represents higher ranking).


The study measured Quality of Life at cities according to 39 factors, grouped in 10 categories:

  • Political and social environment (political stability, crime, law enforcement, etc.).
  • Economic environment (currency exchange regulations, banking services).
  • Socio-cultural environment (media availability, limitations on personal freedom).
  • Medical and health considerations (medical supplies and services, infectious diseases, sewage, waste disposal, air pollution, etc.).
  • Schools and education (standards and availability of international schools).
  • Public services and transportation (electricity, water, public transportation, traffic congestion, etc.).
  • Recreation (restaurants, theaters, cinemas, sports and leisure, etc.).
  • Consumer goods (availability of food/daily consumption items, cars, etc.).
  • Housing (rental housing, household appliances, furniture, maintenance services).
  • Natural environment (climate, record of natural disasters).

The 39 factors have different weights according to the effect on Quality of Living. Score by Analyzing the factors together represents the Quality of Life index for each city. Accordingly, the Ranking has appeared.


Top five Cities

Top 5

According to the results, the top cities are:


Quality of Life Vienna

Some call it “City of dreams”, and some call it “City of Music”. If you are a fan of classical music, symphonies & waltz, then this city is your destination.  Vienna, A city that is full of culture, art & beauty. A safe place where people can walk around or use its excellent public transportation. Weather in Vienna is relatively moderate especially in summer.


Quality of Life Zurich

A city that has a population of less than half millions. however, this city is considered the heart of world financial system. Zurich, a center for the world most famous financial institutions and banks. In addition, they have good chocolates. If you love chocolate, then you have to visit Zurich. Actually, one of the best locations to taste good chocolates. That is not all. They are famous of watches too. Many of top brands are located in Zurich.



Quality of Life Auckland

At the very east of the world, in the country that wakes up every morning to see sunrise first one before the whole planet, that is where Auckland is located, the big city and former capital of New Zealand. Auckland lies between the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean to the east and Tasman Sea to the west. That is why some call it “city of sails”; thousands of yachts people use to sail in the region.



Quality of Life Munich

A famous European city located in the Bavarian region to the south of Germany. Many things distinguish Munich. If you like football, here is the hometown of Bayern Munich. if you like Automotive, here is the headquarter of BMW. For green area, you will enjoy the English garden at the center of the city. For history, you will like the historical buildings around the city. Munich is a safe & beautiful city. Using bikes or public transportation makes city tours easy & enjoyable.



Quality of Life Vancouver

At the very west of the world, there is Vancouver. The Canadian city that is located to the west of the country. Vancouver is well known for its natural beauty. City has a stunning scene of mountains to the right and the Pacific Ocean at the left. That is one of the reasons it is a popular filming location. Some of the movies filmed there are Tomorrow land , Fantastic Four, I Robot and Night At The Museum.

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