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7 Benefits you gain from Travel

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Every day, the sky has more than 100,000 flights transporting around 9.8 million passengers. If we add people who travel by sea or by land, this means lot of people travel every day. Whether we travel for fun or business, we gain several benefits from travel.

If you are ready to travel, learn about how to plan your trip & travel with confidence.

Also find beautiful but not famous travel destinations.

Travel is Fun

Best part about travel is having Fun even if you are traveling for business. Imagine you are visiting a new location for the first time; everything is very new for you. Every street, shop, café, garden, bus station …everything is like a brand-new. That feeling of excitement about visiting locations for the first time is great.

The times you spend in sight seeing, testing food and taking selfies every where are priceless. Moreover, you can double the fun if you are sharing this experience with your friends or someone close to you.

Making new friends

When you travel, you meet new people either during travel or during your stay at your destination. That gives you the chance to make new friends. The great thing here is your & the new friends are having different cultures which means you have a lot to talk about. In addition, they may give you good advices based on different perspectives than yours.

Before the internet, we used to have “Pen Friends” that is where you have a friend in another country, and the communication were through written letters that may take days to reach from country to another. Nowadays, it is easy to communicate with friends you met during travels. You have emails, Facebook, Whats App, voice over IP call, and other ways to keep in touch even after your return from travel.

Travel - Friends

Building Knowledge & Experience

Being a traveler, you gain experience about all the steps related to travel. You know how to compare airlines to find cheap flights, best times to book to get even cheaper flight tickets, suitable hotels or hostels for your trip, using public transportation, and other more details.

Egypt- TravelMoreover, you  are going to build knowledge about each communities you visit. In addition to places, you get close to people. You see how they think, behave, and live their daily life. You get the truth about communities away from what media might say.

You automatically compare the travel destination with your home country to the advantages and disadvantages at each. In brief, travel gives us knowledge about our world, and how we can make it a better one.

Clear your Mind

beach-84533_1920If sometimes you feel depressed or loaded by some life pressures, Travel.

Our mind connects things together. Therefore, our feelings, whether positive or negative, are connected with locations as well. That is why whenever you enter a place from the past, your mind retrieves your memories related to this place.

When you go to a very new place, it will be like a fresh air to your mind. Gradually, it will be busy building memories at the new place rather than reminding with old ones.

Building Confidence

florence- travelBy traveling, you get out of your comfort zone, literally. Being at a new country, you find yourself taking care of several new details. That may include language barriers, securing measures not to lose your belongings abroad, suitable & affordable means of transportation, planning your trip to visit several locations within the limited time and budget.

At home country, you usually do not think about most of these items. Some items such as language barriers are not are not applicable because everyone speaks your language. Other items such as transportation is becoming a daily routine that goes without much thinking about it.

Therefore, the responsibility you handle during travel raises self-confidence and trust in your skills. Simply, frequent travelers are most likely reliable people who can take care of their responsibilities.

Travel can be profitable

Business-TravelIf you are into business, Travel can get you some revenues as well.  When you travel, you will get more details about each community you visit, you will find supply & demand, study what people need, and find what other communities can provide. Accordingly, you can make some business. Currently, lot entrepreneurs around the world run their small business based on importing & exporting goods among countries. Luckily, technology has facilitated the process so that many of them started with low budgets but managed to expand with time.

Another way of getting revenues is to write about your travel. If you look around the internet, you will find many travel bloggers. They utilize their experience and provide guidance to the new travelers. In return, they get some revenues.


Travel-memoriesA nice thing you gain from travel is lot of memories. When return home, you have lot of stories to tell your family and friends. You have a whole trip with lot of details about the Airport, the chat with the person sitting next to you, the hotel where you stayed there, the food, the people who met you there, the locations you visited, the shopping, the transportation …etc.

Moreover, you have the nice images & videos you took during travel. That gives you a lot to share with people at home countries.

Later when time goes on, years after years, it will be nice to have a look at those images & videos. You will remember these memories and maybe tell them to your children and grandchildren.