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7 concepts creating a better working environment

Working Environment

How do you look everyday on your way to work? … do you look active, happy and enthusiastic about the new working day in a nice working environment? …

or you look lazy, angry and having depression signs on your face because you are going there only because you are obligated to. So, you keep depressed till the week-end comes so that you can enjoy this short vacation.

What is the secret that makes some of us more motivated to work despite the workload with many work hours and maybe not high salaries? … On the other hand, others lose his enthusiasm despite the large salaries, moderate working hours and probably many privileges.

The fact is working environment has its effect either positively or negatively. Here below we highlight seven points that can make working environment much better.

We are not machines 

Machines are programmed to perform tasks exactly as the program. They do not think, do not ask and do not complaint. We, humans, are totally different. We have a psychological side that makes us work with brains and spirits even before hands. Therefore, successful managers are those who can deal with the psychological side of their staff. For example, a key element for a manager is to let them feel that everyone in the organization has a vital role, regardless the size of that role.working environment & humans

There is a nice old story about an army leader. One day, the leader got the blacksmith to fix the horseshoe for his horse. During the work, the leader told the blacksmith that victory in war depends on that horseshoe he is making. When he marveled at what he heard, the leader told him “if the horseshoe falls, the horse will fall … if the horse falls, the knight will fall … and if the knight falls, the battle is lost”.

Actually, that feeling that we do is important raises the level of commitment and motivates us to do extra efforts and improves the working environment significantly. That is why they say: “Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers”.


We are not similar … and we should not be

Think about a successful football team such as Real Madrid or Barcelona with talented players as Ronaldo or Messi … imagine what would happen if the all team members were skillful exactly as Ronaldo & Messi… Actually, the team would fail!

The successful team needs Ronaldo or Messi to score goals. But scoring will need playmakers. And the team will need a good defense & goal keeper too.

working environment - diversity

Luckily, humans are not similar. Each one has his own unique skills. And this diversity creates success. However, sometimes in business, managers may forget this fact. They expect all team members to act as copy replicas of the model inside manager’s mind. Therefore, they set one evaluation criteria for all.

For examples, some people are not morning guys. They perform much better in the evening while others are super in the early morning. Some team members maybe not that good in interaction with customer. However, they are brilliant in planning. The skillful managers will make a better working environment by utilizing this diversity to the optimum.

We are not always right.

Let’s agree that it is difficult for us to admit that we are wrong. However, the fact is sometimes we are. Simply, humans make mistakes ad that is how they learn the right. Critical point is how we react when we are wrong while other colleagues are right.working environment - negative & positive

The positive way is the admit to ourselves first that we are wrong and look at the learned lessons from the situation to make it better in the future.

The negative reactions are many. We may deny the fact, find ways to let others take the whole responsibility and accordingly, take the blame, or even produce negative feelings towards our colleagues who are right.

Fair gameworking environment - balance

Sometimes the employees who are acknowledged, promoted and rewarded are only those who have political skills. i.e. the employees who have the talent of doing marketing for themselves & their work at the management. Definitely, this is a helpful skill. However, other employees are doing great but they are not into that “marketing” thing because either they don’t know how to do it, or they don’t want to do it. for them, they will feel working environment is not suitable for them.

Employees should feel that their work are noticed & acknowledged by the management without the need to do marketing activities. Otherwise, it will not be a fair game.

We are not yesterday

working environment - innovationMost successful companies are those based on creativity and innovation … Problem is some companies insist on strict bureaucratic regulations and routine. That is not because this helpful, but because they just used to do so. In those companies, you may try to suggest a new product or a development process to improve the workflow. Some might hear you, but shortly, they will forget everything and return to normal daily routine. The result is create employees will get depressed and try to quit as soon as they can because they can not withstand a working environment that is rigid and resisting the change. Most likely, those companies get out of the market by their agile competitors.

Right or left?

working environment - strategyDefault is each company has its general vision and strategy that are known to all. However, managers get busy focusing only at on following sales figures, and that is it. With the absence of a unified strategy, each department automatically sets its own one which may conflict with that of the departments. Then, time is lost in meetings to resolves conflict. The inevitable result is a state of confusion spreading around the working environment and felt by all employees. Thus, workers lose confidence in the management, and lose their enthusiasm for work. a famous quote say “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail”.

Team Work

There is a two directional relation between all the above points and the teamwork. Succeeding in all the above results in a good teamwork, and good teamwork facilitates the success in all the above points.

Success in all these seven points results in a successful business and positive working environment.

working environment - teamwork

So, it is about Working Environment

In brief, it is not about money or working hours … it about the quality not the quantity … having a better working environment is what will make us wake up every day feeling active, optimistic and looking for a good working day.

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