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A Royal Drink

I go to the coffee shop to do three things:
I sit on my own for sharing talks with myself .. Smell the aroma of coffee .. And drink the tea!

How many drinks were discovered by one of the people would then become a royal drink? … that is many … but Tea was the exception. Tea was discovered by a king! Then, it became a popular drink.

Royal Drink / Hend Zahran

Tale says:
One of the kings of China – as the habit of people in his time – was equipped with hot water to drink. Then, the wind blew down a paper from one of the trees into his glass .. water color changed .. he liked the color .. and then, he liked the new taste .. And that was the first sip of tea in history.

From the royal palace, the new drink was transmitted to the rest of the houses, and from China to the other parts of the world.

Discovered by a Chinese king, that promoted the introduction to all houses of Briton … to become the second most popular drink in the world after water!

A cup of good tea makes you savor the taste of nature …
And smell the morning. ?


Following photos were at “Fishawy Cafe”, Cairo.