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Adel Sedky, Laila Sedky and Nola Cupcakes

Nola Cupcakes - Adel Sedky - Laila Sedky

Adel & Laila Sedky are the owners of the cupcakes revolution in Egypt and they are our Egyptian faces for today, they are the owners of Nola Cupcakes. It is the first Cupcakes store in Egypt baking the most delicious cupcakes in town. They have even created the Giant Cupcakes to stand in for the birthday cakes.

Laila Sedky has a passion for food, cooking and creating new things. Lucky Laila! She has travelled to different places and studied in a university in Montreal. Over there she understood the importance of the family gatherings to the Egyptians. During those gatherings we usually buy sweets as a way to thank the host. Cupcakes are small and tastes good, so this will works the magic. Laila was raised up to share love and kindness around, so Nola Cupcakes is the way Laila is currently sharing happiness. As it helped in branding local brands on a worldwide level.

When Laila came back with her brother, they have started Nola Cupcakes and they have received help from a bunch of different people. Especially the father and the siblings. It is a family business. Adel is responsible for the planning and execution. However, Laila is responsible for the marketing efforts. At the end of the day, all the stress and tired days go away with the smile of the happy customers. Laila usually comes up with the new flavors and to do so she usually  draws the flavor. Drawing the cupcake and imagining the flavor. The first flavor she has created was “Red Velvet”.

One of the special moments for Nola Cupcakes was the famous proposal where the guy asked and the girl said YES!! It was magical with all the family and friends around.

Laila Sedky tips for success

Laila Sedky is sharing her top tips to succeed:

  1. Start with understanding the market you are going to enter.
  2. Focus on quality, branding, and commitment. As those are the keys for either succeeding or killing a project.
  3. We can’t forget the paperwork you have to finalize to start any business here in Egypt.
  4. The hardest thing for business owners is being available 24/7 not 9 to 5, plus it is really hard to take a vacation.
  5. Don’t lose hope whatever the obstacles are, and prepare a todo list to work hard.
  6. Laptops are important to plan and implement any project, so invest in it.
  7. Working on your project will let you learn a lot, Laila has learned to manage her time, maintain her leadership skills, and maintain successful communication skills.

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