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Air Pollution - Clean Air

Finding Clean Air, 10 Countries with least Air Pollution & higher Air Quality

Where on earth we can find a clean air? … or, let us say a less air pollution and higher air quality? … Air pollution is one of the major threats to our whole planet. locations with high air pollution suffer from its negative effect on people life. Luckily, we still

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Rania Hilal

Rania Hilal, When Heritage inspires Innovation

Rania Hilal, a talented & creative Egyptian artist who designs & produces innovative hand-made products such as jewelry and leather accessories. Two keywords distinguish her products: Innovation & heritage. Rania manages her own brand, Rania Hilal Designs. Additionally, she is UN expert in the field of development based on innovation. The start Rania

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Working Environment

7 concepts creating a better working environment

How do you look everyday on your way to work? … do you look active, happy and enthusiastic about the new working day in a nice working environment? ... or you look lazy, angry and having depression signs on your face because you are going there only because you are obligated to. So,

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