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Cairo From A Bird’s eye View – Mixing Photography With Maps

Cairo from Bird's eye View

The scene of Cairo from a Bird’s eye view is inspiring. The images that are displayed below represent a trial for utilizing this magnificent view to mix photography and maps. You may consider it a manual Augmented Reality.

The Story

I like photography … and I like Maps too …

Usually, I Like to take lot of photos for everything. I take photos for people, streets, trees, flowers, food, buildings, … etc.

Meanwhile, I work in the field of GIS technology (Geographic Information Systems, a technology for visualizing and analyzing data on maps). I see and work with maps for almost every single day. My mind has been programmed to visualize information on maps.

Therefore, I made a trial to mix photography and maps together. the idea is displaying a nice photo for a location with the related information presented on the same image. In other words, it looks like a manual way of creating Augmented Reality visuals.

Cairo from A birdeye view

Augmented Reality

As per its definition, Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. With Augmented Reality, you can get relevant extra information about what you are looking at. and that is what I did manually.

Cairo From A Bird’s eye View

To implement the idea, I went to Cairo Tower, the tallest building in Cairo, so that I can have a Bird’s eye view for the big city showing the marvelous river Nile, streets, bridges, gardens, and the surrounding buildings. From the terrace at the top of tower, I took multiple photos for Cairo. Then, I did simple edits by adding some annotations to the photos.

The target is giving information for viewer so that he/she can understand the contents displayed in the photo.

The following gallery shows a sample of 6 images taken from Cairo tower (Lat. & Long. coordinates: 30.0459196,31.222098). After each image, I added a map displaying the photographed area.

Let me know what you think.



More images from my Instagram account here.

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