Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Can we understand happiness?!

Happiness can be easily translated to a connection between yourself & the whole world around you. I am going to show you two theories.

What they say:

According to Will Jelbert, a writer and the author of “The happiness animal’, he tackled happiness as having 5 muscles that should be trained well to experience real happiness; and those muscles are: honesty, kindness, curiosity, awareness, & courage.
1. Honesty: don’t lie to connect with your own existence, the major lie that we use daily is the usage of never & always in all our sentences.
2. Kindness: practice empathy & touch to endorse some hormones that will lift you up.
3. Curiosity: instead of judging, question. Question your own beliefs & the beliefs of others too.
4. Awareness: distinguish between reality which is tackling one of your senses & imagination which is created only in your mind.
5. Courage: by facing & accepting all your fears, whether it is a fear from dark of insects or animals or highs or death or even a mix from them all.

What I say:

I have a theory!
From my own perspective life comes with no manual to become a happy person, I’m not a happy guru & it is a hard job to start writing about happiness from my very own perspective. I’m in my early twenties & I don’t consider myself a “happiness doctor” or anything of this sort, but I can tell who is deeply happy & who is deeply sad with a quick glimpse or a short chit-chat. I –myself- was unhappy for a chapter in my very own life & happy in another.
Living a real life is to be on a roller-coaster, sometimes up & others down, always excited & screaming out of a mix of joy & fear. You are obliged to enjoy the ride!! Please proceed with reading maybe I have the medicine, However, maybe I can help you come out of your bubble & experience real happiness in the next chapter of your life.


Happiness Process

1. To be really happy is a whole process & will never be done through night. So, start by smiling more & this is not cliché, but when you smile a lot your mind automatically translates this as if it is a real happiness moment with re-occurrence it will become reality.
2. Practice gratitude, whenever someone does anything good for you THANK her/him.
3. Your fears are killing your happiness, so knowing your core values & being determined helps you to become focused & start a happy life.
4. Experience the nature around you, let your feet feel the grass, the sand & the water; even go sit and feel the sun & get a nice tan.
5. Exercise a little bit, walk daily to boost your mood & improve your image.
6. Sleep really well, around 8 hours & keep it as deep as possible.
7. Go & volunteer, studies approved that 100 hours annually can help you do the magic of being really happy; this can be divided as 2 hours weekly of volunteering anywhere. Volunteering helps you decentralize your life from yourself, you will experience other things that will defiantly will leave you happier & more fulfilled.
To sum everything up, happiness is a decision & you have to decide whether you really want to be happy or whether you are really happy being a drama queen?! As a result of being happy, you will defiantly accomplish more & be more productive.