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3D Model, BIM, BIM Model, and Digital Twins, GIS

Difference between 3D Model, BIM, BIM Model, and Digital Twin

Sometimes there is some confusion when dealing with these terms: 3D Model, BIM, BIM Model, and Digital Twin… it happens that one term is mentioned while actually another term is meant…. Therefore, I am trying here to define these terms in simple words. 3D Model The term “3D Model” refers to a

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Work from Home

عزيزي صاحب العمل، شجع على العمل من المنزل … وأنت الكسبان

على مدى أسابيع مضت ... الكثير من الموظفين لجأوا للعمل من المنزل (الذين تسمح طبيعة عملهم بذلك) تجنبا لانتشار فيروس كورونا المستجد أو الملقب بـ Covid-19... وحتى الذين يتطلب عملهم إقامة اجتماعات متكررة مع الزملاء أو العملاء، قاموا بتلك الاجتماعات عن بعد... شمل ذلك موظفين في شركات اتصالات وشركات البرمجيات

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Liverpool FC - LFC Business

Behind the scene, Liverpool FC from Business Perspective

People enjoy goals ... Meanwhile, Liverpool as well as all football clubs, converts popularity of players and scored goals into business opportunities. As we mentioned in the previous article about Real Madrid, football means business, which is called the Football Industry. Beside the football team, an equally important business team works

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Employee Low Performance

Seven Common Reasons for Employee’s Low Performance

Corporates monitor the performance of their employees searching for high and low performances. When  managers find a decrease in performance of an employee, they have two options to react: The short-cut: the easiest way is to blame the employee for the low performance. A warning, a punishment, or even a decision to

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