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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution … Maps can help

Everyone is talking about COVID-19 Vaccine … Recently, multiple vaccines have came to light, and many countries are talking about scheduling vaccination process for citizens. Accordingly, there are wide hopes that finally, world will get over this COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is a challenge for the world counties … Vaccine distribution

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After Corona

ما الذي يجب أن يبقى فيما بعد كورونا ؟!

كل حدث مهما كان سلبيا فإن له بعض الدروس المستفادة، حتى جائحة كورونا أظهرت بعض الجوانب الإيجابية، وعندما تمر الجائحة بسلام فمن الجيد أن نحتفظ بتلك الإيجابيات حتى في حياتنا ما بعد كورونا. وفيما يلي قائمة النقاط الإيجابية من وجهة نظري، ربما لديك أنت أيضا قائمة أخرى لنقاط إيجابية تود أن

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Credit Foncier Egyptien - Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo, Buildings that tell stories – Credit Foncier Egyptien

Downtown Cairo ... One of the magical spots in Egyptian capital. The historical buildings were built with artistic touch. the facades shows the care on each detail. The whole area is a witness on an important phase in history. You can have a quick online tour for this this phase here. The history of Downtown

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2016 top 10 posts

Our top 10 posts in 2016 … A year in a glance

Hello Everyone … Happy New Year … 2016 has witnessed the appearance of QualityLifeMag to the world. During the year, we published posts focused focusing on having a better life. We discussed topics like Education, Business, Travel, Happiness, Technology, community, environment and others. We hope to continue in providing quality posts

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