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Deega Talk

Khadija Rehab

A youthful young lady that has passion for drawing, writing, vlogging, and casting. She does work in changing the reality around us. She is Khadiga Rehab or Deega as she is well known since writing a monthly column in Teenstuff magazine. She was born with a talent, she is the future’s artist. Deega draws since she was 4 years old and her God father is “Isaac Azmy” who was tutoring her once weekly for 4 years to know how to draw and get creative out of her box.

Together they have organized a set of exhibitions and workshops. However, in 2010 her God father was the reason of her biggest depression ever. As she needed him urgently and he vanished from her life.

Deega loves writing too. Writing for her is a way to fight back and this help her out of her depression. She has started her writing career by a Facebook note in Franco in 2010, then “Amira Solimane” working in Teenstuff magazine at this time told her to continue writing. In 2012, Amira was the Editor in Chief for Teenstuff magazine and asked Deega to write a monthly column. This was the start of Deega Talk, the column she has created to write her simple opinions. Her first issue was July 2012 “Who said so”. After a while people began sending her their problems and Deega started to listen and write. Instead of being judgmental, Deega learned to accept the differences and understand. In 2013, Deega decided to share her voice through vlogging targeting youth between 13 and 25 years old. And she has started to build a team of her readers to help her out in creating such videos. Videos in the Egyptian Arabic language instead of the English articles published.

Then came “Haneen”, one of the biggest projects in Deega’s life. While listening to the songs in a Lebanese movie, Deega drew “Haneen” and then she wrote a blog post in her blog about her. And after a lot of struggles to produce a short movie about her, she has decided to write a book instead. A novel that is full of drama, romance, and mixed feelings.

Khadiga Rehab is pursuing another passion now, she has launched her talents agent business in the advertising industry. In addition to standing in a lot of stages to host big events and talk to youth about her journey so far and how she has evolved from drawing to vlogging to writing and the list may go on.

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