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10 things you can do while waiting in Dubai Smart Bus Shelters

Dubai Smart Bus Shelters

Everything is going smart in Dubai, even the bus shelters … While waiting for the bus inside the air-conditioned shelter, you can get use of the minutes and get many of on-the-go products and services. that makes bus shelters in Dubai different from regular bus stations we know..

Currently, there are more than 100 smart bus shelters around Dubai.

Dubai Smart Bus Shelters

Services at Bus Shelters

Surf the internet for free

Smart bus shelters provide free Wi-Fi. Accordingly, while waiting your bus, you can check your emails, text a friend, view what is new on social media,…etc.

Charge your Mobile

If your mobile is running out of battery, all you need is a nearby bus shelter where there are rooms for charging several mobile.

Pay your bills

While waiting for the bus, you can pay several governmental bills. Also you can pay your cellular phone bill as well. In case you a fine due to a previous traffic violation, you can pay the fines at the smart shelter too.

If are planning for a travel, you can buy airline tickets while waiting for the bus.

Get snacks

Smart bus shelters contains a mini mart where you can buy some refreshments and snacks before the trip. In some shelters, there are branches for known donuts and ice-cream brands.

Get Transportation Card

Citizens in Dubai use Nol Card. It is an electronic ticketing prepaid card used on all public transportation means in the city. At the bus or train station, passengers use Nol Card at the electronic gates in order to validate it or deduct funds automatically. That card is available at the Smart Bus shelters.

Transfer Money

Foreign workers in Dubai represent the majority of population. Accordingly, there is a need for remittance services so that they can transfer money to their families in home country. Therefore, money transfer services such as western union are available in some smart shelters.

Send Packages

In additional to money, you can send physical packages too. In some shelters there are courier services where you can send documents, parcels & boxes.


If you decide to donate for charity, in the bus shelter you can donate to several charity organization.


If you like reading, there are free magazine copies available at the smart shelter.

Wait for the bus

Basically, it is a bus shelter. So, you can mainly sit & wait the bus in an air conditioned shelter, get info at screen about the bus schedule.


Happiness Vision

Currently, UAE is ranked 1st as the happiest country in the region and the 28th globally. Dubai has its vision to be the happiest city on this planet. Smart bus shelters are aligned with this vision by availing convenient on-the-go Smart Services and Products that save time and money.

Business & innovation

Dubai turned Smart bus shelters into business. These shelters represent small retail points that present a mix of services that generate revenues in return. Additionally, Dubai opened the door to franchised shelters. Accordingly, Dubai government will not own all the shelters. Instead, citizens can build and own some of the shelters. However, the government will operate the shelters and both parties share the revenues. This innovative business model allow the government to expand faster. At the same time, individuals can generate revenues as well. It is a win-win deal.

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