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Education like never before! 5 student involvement strategies

Education -Books

We all have went through the ordinary educational journey; passing through kindergarten, primary, preparatory, secondary, and finally university education! Being freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors too. We have passed by the ringing bells, the classrooms, the blackboard, the whiteboard, the smart boards, the chalks, the markers, the playground, and every other thing surrounded by the school or university fence throughout the generations.

In many cases, education is a one-way direction. we sit in class receiving what our teachers say. that is why some people say that children are creative till they join school.

Currently, effective education systems try to follow different strategies to encourage student involvement in the education process.


Education- HomeSchooling

It is literally different than everything you saw or heard of before during the traditional education system … Education with no classrooms! The educational journey is free from any boundaries, no time boundaries & no place boundaries. It is home-schooling, there is a curriculum under the supervision of a certain school & the students study in the comfort of their homes whatever the time-zone is. Even their finals are computerized & certified.

Some statistics state that home-educated typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests.

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Learn by Experiment

Education - Experiment

Instead of spoon-feeding the students & overwhelm them with different text books and resources. Guide them to learn by experience! Instead of learning about politics from the text books or even the TV & checking only one perspective, the students are required to read the available resources & collect all the perspectives to get the big picture, then they debate together to learn about the topics besides gaining real-life expertise too.

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Inverted classroom

Education - Inverted Classroom

In Inverted Classroom (also named as flipped classroom),  The technique depends on shifting the roles of the teacher & the students! The students prepare the material & start teaching the class via their own skills and creative thinking. This techniques boosts the the students involvement and increases the interaction among students .


Education - Self Study

Actually, this is a technique followed in many locations worldwide to let you figure it your own & on your own pace too. Sometimes it is not implemented the right way either duo to lack of guidance or lack of resources.

Actually, After graduation, if you are willing to succeed in whatever your industry is, you must do some education & self-learning to enhance your skills. Self learning is your promise to your own self to become better & better as the time passes.

Education by living

Education- Experiment

There is also the “education by living” as I want to name it! Go & live in the environment that you want to learn more about, and start learning till you master it. Go live in a country-side or in the desert or in any other environment .. you name it & you learn it immediately.


To sum everything up; education is infinite & you can never collect all the education in the world and spoon-feed your students! Education should be shifted from the one-way static technique (not real learning, but memorizing) to the two-way dynamic technique (the ultimate learning).

At the end This is just the beginning …  In the coming weeks we will dig deeper in each technique. Stay tuned!