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Be Happy …. Enjoy life at no extra cost

Enjoy Life

Let us agree that money will get you some happiness. With money, you can do many activities that will bring you lot of fun. However, not all happiness requires money. Sometimes happiness can not be obtained by money… sometimes, you can enjoy life just for free.

Let me give you some examples:

Chat with a kid

Discuss a serious subject with 4-years kid. You will enjoy their logic and how they see things. Actually, you will laugh out loud. Moreover, you will lose track of time and feel as if you are a child again.

Generally, we all have that little happy child inside us. When we give him/her the opportunity to appear and have fun, we ourselves feel much better. So, every now & then, try to be a child again. It is free.


A friend

Enjoy Life -Friend

Someone said “Sometimes talking to your best friend is all the therapy you need”. And when we say “A friend” we mean a large circle. That includes your own family, your cousins, your neighbors, your teachers and ,of course, your best friend… they all draws the friendship zone where you find encouragement, support, sincere advice, and true wishes of a better future.

Having a friend, you have a renewable source positive energy that lets you enjoy life.



Enjoy Life - Love

If you love someone who loves you back, then you are happy by default. Luckily, true love is free. Money can only get a false and fake one.

Love is like a generator of positive energy. It gives you happiness, hope, power, and peace. A few minutes of true love can charge your batters for days.



Enjoy Life - Walk

As simple as that … if you feel stressed then, just walk.

Check your neighborhood… try to find a walking path with a pleasant view away from noise. That can be a public garden or a quiet street surrounded by lovely trees. Moreover, if you have access to water surface (ocean, sea, lake, river) that will be great. If you cannot find such place, just try to wake up early and walk enjoying the fresh air.

When you walk, you gradually release the stress & pressure. Then, you start to organize your ideas and make plans for the future. Scientifically, when our muscles move, brain starts to reward us by releasing happiness hormones to lift our mood up. And a simple free way to do so is Walk.


A little plant

Enjoy Life - Little Plant

Take care of a little living being. That can be a pet (cat, dog, or a little turtle). However, the easiest and simplest is having a little plant.

When I was a kid, I used to get some Fenugreek seeds that we already have at home, put them on a piece of cotton or a tissue. Then, give it a little water when needed. Every morning, I wake up to check it. I used to feel happy when I see my seeds gradually turn into little plants with green colors. Every day, I see them grow a little more.

That gives several positive feelings. You feel you were a part in giving life to this little plat. And that gives you a direct happiness. You feel hope that your little plant will be stronger and greener in the next day. And you feel proud of your success when that happens. Additionally, you learn patience when find that success needs time and work to take place.


 The Happy Folder

It is an easy, simple & way to life your mood up. Just make a folder on your laptop or tablet. Name it a “Happy Folder” and fill it with selected comic movies, series and nice pieces of music.

Every now and then, give yourself a free time, and let yourself laugh as much as you can.


Help others enjoy life

Enjoy Life - Help Others

One of life rules is: if you provide happiness to someone, you will automatically be rewarded with equal happiness or even more.

If you want to enjoy your life, try to help others enjoy their lives too. Guess what, that is easy. Let me give you some examples:

  • Smile to others. Never underestimate the effect of a smile you provide to people around you. Your smile can give them a piece of energy that help them have a better day.
  • Say nice words. That can be encouraging words or even a nice compliment on how people look today.
  • Provide guidance: if you have some information about a subject, try to advise others when you find that helpful.
  • Take a photo for others and let them see how beautiful they are.

All of the above are completely free. Yet, it will give a dosage of happiness in both directions.

Make your Happiness Mix

Good news is that you need not to do the previous items separately. You may mix things together. You can watch the happy folder with a friend or walk with the one you love. Feel free to innovate and create your mix.

As you see, you needn’t lot of money to enjoy life. Actually, the best sources of happiness are free.