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Enjoying weekend at home in cold winter

Weekend at home cold winter cofee

When it is the weekend, and you wake up early to find the weather is too cold outside, then you decide to just stay in the warm and spend the weekend at home. You may get lazy and spend time in bed or on the couch while checking what is new on social media and keep refreshing the page every few minutes. Alternatively, you can do some other activities that will be both useful and fun at the same time. Here we are listing some examples of how to enjoy the weekend at home.

Cook your favorite meal

Cook meal

One way to enjoy time is cooking. Because it is winter, we feel hungrier especially at night. Therefore, even if you are not an expert, you can have fun trying to mix the ingredients properly. Good news is internet is full of recipes. Whether you are looking for simple salads, a main dish or desserts, you will find some guidance.

Maybe you are following a diet or a special style such as Plant Based Diet. Then, it will be a good chance that you get creative. A new dish will break boring the boring diet and gives you the motivation to go on.

When the plate is ready, you will enjoy the meal. Moreover, you will feel proud of yourself. 

Learn something new

Learn something

Currently, learning something new is much easier than before. All you need is access to internet. Then, websites like Coursera or Udemy provides hundreds of course in different specialties. You are even able to attend many of the courses for free.

Obviously, world is changing rapidly and new skills are needed. Therefore, it is good that you utilize some time to acquire extra knowledge and skills. Moreover, if you have a hoppy like drawing, photography or playing music, you can get some nice materials for that too. 

Organize your room

chaos room

Many of us have untidy rooms where nothing in its location. When you need something, you may need to search for it first. Moreover, the room does not look as good as you wish. Therefore, it will be great to invest some time trying to organize things and make the room tidy again.

During the process, you may get surprised by the things you find. You will find small items that you didn’t see for long time. You will find other items that you actually don’t need any more.

Although that will need some efforts, the final result will be amazing. You will enjoy the final look. Moreover, you will find your things easier. 

Movie Night

Movie Night

One of cool ways to enjoy the weekend at home is having a movie night. You can easily find a nice movie on TV, pick a movie online, or have it as DVD. You are free to pick an old movie or a new one that you missed when it was in cinema.

Steps are easy … prepare some popcorn, some water or maybe fresh juices, and some mixed nuts. Then, dive under the warm covers, press the remote control, and enjoy the time. 

Read a book

Reading a book - novel

Simply grab a cup of hot chocolate and a good novel. When you start reading, you will find yourself traveling across time & location to have another life among the virtual characters. If the book is interesting enough, it will be hard to close it before finalizing all pages.

Even after reading the book, your mind will keep imagining the scenes for a while as if you were already there. 

5 minutes exercise

Excercise 5 minutes weekend at home

Going to gym is not a must. Even if you are feeling lazy in a cold winter day, it is nice to spend only few minutes to strength your muscles. If you go online, you will find hundreds of easy & simple exercises that you can practice during a weekend at home without any tools and within only few minutes. On the long run, your body will be in shape. Then, when winter is over, you can welcome the spring & summer with a good look. 

Family Time

Family gathering

These days, family gatherings are not as much as before. Therefore, it is nice to seize the opportunity to spend some time with your family. A simply chat about any topic will be just fine. Moreover, you can share some of the previous activities and that will be more fun. Family members can join to cook a meal together, watch a movie, and do some light exercises. Later on, it will be nice to periodically organize family gatherings or whenever there is a chance like another weekend at home. 


Sleep weekend at home

Yes, you can just sleep… during the whole week, you were waking up early so that you go to work, university, or school… In cold weekend day, it is awesome that you just sleep in your warm bed without setting any alarms. Then, you wake up only when your body decides it is time to wake up. It is as if you are recharging your body. Then you can face the coming week with full energy.