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Free Educational resources to stay updated with GIS Technology

Esri GIS Technology - Free educational Resources

When it comes to technology, a major challenge is to stay up to date. That is because technology advances are going with an increasing rate. Obviously, GIS Technology is not an exception. Location is an essential element in almost all of our activities. Therefore, there is a an increasing demand for location analytics to serve different life aspects.

Good news is Knowledge is available more than ever before.

Internet is full of free educational resources for everyone. Resources available to learn about a certain topic, and get some awareness about what is new.

For GIS technology, I am listing here free online resources for GIS technology. Resources below are selected mainly from ESRI, the most famous GIS company. This articles is providing links to the following resources:

  • Online technical sessions
  • Event proceedings
  • Business oriented videos
  • Periodic publications
  • Free training course
  • Free ebooks
  • Story maps
  • downloading data
  • My previous articles

You may save this article so that you get back to it when you need a link to any of the mentioned resources.

Free online technical sessions

Esri GIS Technology - Free educational Resources - Technical Sessions

Every year, Esri arranges a big user conference in California for Esri users around the world. In addition, there is a series of smaller regional conferences for users in each region. During these conferences, Esri provides multiple technical sessions to introduce new products, and present updates in the existing ones. GIS users wait that event to know what is new in Esri GIS technology.

Luckily, Esri has a YouTube channel that avail videos for the technical sessions to everyone online for free. Here are some links.

2019 Esri UC technical sessions

2018 Esri UC technical sessions

For more video, that is the link of the YouTube channel:

Esri Events


Esri GIS Technology - Free educational Resources - Proceedings

In additional to the technical sessions, users utilize the opportunity of the User Conferences to share their success stories in GIS technology, and present their case studies. Esri stores these presentations and avail many of them at the following link. This gives an idea about how users actually use GIS technology in real life.


Business Perspective

If you are interested in Business, and you need some ideas about how GIS can help in specific industries/sectors, You may follow this YouTube channel about GIS & Industries.

GIS & Industries

Esri Periodical Publications

Esri GIS Technology - Free educational Resources - Publications

Esri has three famous periodic publications. ArcNews, ArcUser, and ArcWatch. Below, you will find the links for the publications and a description for each one (descriptions are from Esri)


ArcNews provides all that’s new, exciting, beneficial, and unique about GIS directly from users. Learn how organizations worldwide are using GIS.


ArcUser magazine provides practical, technical information to help you better understand and keep current with GIS technology and make the best use of Esri software. Its articles illustrate best practices and innovative ways to meet new challenges and solve common problems. Articles address the specific needs of GIS managers, GIS developers, GIS technicians, and those who use GIS to improve business processes or perform research.


ArcWatch provides announcements, tips, articles, and links to resources.

GIS Technology Training Courses

Esri provides many training courses & seminars, Many of them are free. The courses for the different levels. So, even if you are starting to learn GIS from scratch, you will find some suitable courses.

Guided lessons:

You can find the full catalog here.

Training Catalog

Free e-Books

Esri GIS Technology - Free educational Resources - ebooks

There are many ebooks in different topics that are available for free download as PDF files. Some books are for technical teams, some present ideas for business, and some are for managers.

You can find the free books here.

Free ebooks

ArcGIS Online Story maps

Esri Story maps - Story telling

You may read my previous article about Story maps, It gives an overview about story maps and how to use them for free. You can find the article here:

Story Maps

Free GIS Data for download

Esri GIS Technology - Free educational Resources - Download Data

If you need to download some data, you can search and download data layers from ArcGIS online. You can simply use the search box and search for layers.

My Articles

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