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World in 2020, Technologies shaping near future

World future 2020 Technologies

What will the world look like in near future? … As we are only few years away from 2020, let us guess the life in near future according to the advances in 2020 Technologies.


No need for a driving license, get a self-driving car

In 2020, you can simply get into your car, relax on the seat, and let the car drive you to your destination. during the ride, you may read a book, watch a movie, talk with your kids or simply sleep till you arrive. Therefore, you will not need a driving license. If you have one, maybe you will not need to renew it.

To achieve this, several companies are competing to produce the best self-driving car to the market. Self-driving are currently under testing to ensure the safety. The car will have to respond properly and automatically to the different situations.

The big names:

Google Waymo:

Google’s mother company Alphabet is working on its self-driving car project. The car name is Waymo.

Tesla Car:

Tesla, Elon Musk Company has its Autopilot full self-driving car.

Other big names like Toyota, Mercedes & BMW are investing in self-driving cars as well.


Talking with Robots … Maybe Jarvis

Robots are expanding everyway. They are getting involved in many tasks. Moreover, robots are rapidly invading internet and social media by Chat Bots. When you visit a website, you may get welcomed by a robot who is chatting with you and offering help. Same is happening in Facebook messenger as well. Many Facebook pages are building their own chat bots that will handle chatting with fans and offering them services.

You may read Robots, our new planet partners.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced his own Jarvis. That is his personal assistance application inspired from Jarvis of Tony Stark in Iron Man movies.

Currently, chat bots have limited capabilities. However, they are learning. In near future, you will be able to have a near-real conversation with robots. Maybe, you will get your own Jarvis too.

Traveling faster than a plane … Inside a Hyperloop

The distance from LA to San Francisco takes around 6 to 7 hours of driving. Alternately, it takes around an hour by a plane. You can add the time you need for check-in, and waiting for the gate open. Shortly, you can travel that distance in only 30 minutes, without flying.

SpaceX, Elon Musk company, has revealed its Hyperloop project. It is about capsules that travel on traditional rail tracks rather inside a tube that reduces air resistance. The speed of capsules can reach 1,200 Km/hr.

Similarly, United Arab Emirates announced its plan to have a Hyperloop connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Regularly, the distance between the two cities takes from 1.5 to 2 hours. The Hyperloop will cut the time to only 12 minutes. The project should be ready by 2020 to serve Expo 2020 in Dubai.


Non-Human armies

Unfortunately, the black side of technology is having advanced weapons to kill.

When talking about automation, Military is leading the researches. Currently, few countries have combat drones. That is weaponized unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). These countries are continuously increasing.

On the other hand, many armies are developing robots that participate in ground battles. Not all robots will be weaponized; some robots will be there for surveillance, search & rescue missions. There is a debate about if the robot will aim & fire automatically or that will be only by remote control from humans. Additionally, not all robots will be in the regular size we expect. Some countries are working on developing a tiny mosquito drones.

In near future, some armies may have more combat robots than human soldiers.


Clean power

With technology advances, generating renewable energy is coming more efficient and economically competitive. Germany is leading the way by an ambitious plan. By 2020, 35% of energy will be from renewables. In parallel, Germany is gradually shutting down its nuclear power plants.

This trend means more clean air. Hence, better health for people.

Back to Elon Musk, he recently announced the new tesla solar roofs. That will encourage many houses to generate electricity while having cool roofs in the same time.

5G Mobiles

World now is running on 4G wireless networks. Some spots are running 5G networks under testing. In 2020, 5G networks will be available for wide use providing much higher speeds.

4G networks should provide maximum speed of 1 gigabits per second. However, people rarely experience 4G’s maximum download speed. 5G is expected to provide a higher speed of 10 gigabits per second. That means you can download large files of gigabytes in few seconds. World will be able to transfer huge amount of data in very high speed.

On the other hand, high speeds encourage the cloud-computing trend. People and enterprises will be able to store their files on the cloud, even the large ones. Applications & Data analytics are moving to the cloud as well. Using high speeds, people will be able to easily access their large files, run analysis process and visualize the results without facing delay.

5G Mobile Smart Home

Everything is coming online by IoT

In 2020, world expects to have around 30 billion devices online. Some of them are the traditional smart phones and computers. However, majority will be other “things”. That is the expansion of IoT (internet of Things).

In average, we will have 3.5 device per person. The devices varies to include devices we use in home, industry, retails, utilities, and others.

Talking about homes, world will have between 500 – 700 million Smart Homes according to Gartner Study. The smart home will have multiple connected devices that varies from smart meters, lighting systems, security systems, kitchen devices, and even smart curtains.

Nano things and IoNT

Similar to IoT (Internet of things), there is IoNT (Internet of Nano things).

Nano Technology is one of the strongly emerging technologies. The world tries to build a nano version for almost everything. As an example, there are researches about nano robots that so small that they can be injected inside human body for medical reasons. These robots will operate depending on nano batteries and will connect to the external world to receive orders and send updates.

Big Data

Robotics, 5G, IOT, social media and others are all sources of huge amount of Data. Currently we are aware that Data is a treasure. Therefore, there is a continuous need to manage and analyze this Big Data in order extract valuable information. Business sector is investing is Big Data analytics and that will continue to increase in the future.

for more details, you can read What you should know about Big Data analytics. The article includes a section for the related business applications.

Big Data Analytics Zettabytes

3D Printing

Traditional industry has a challenge: the rise of 3D printing

Using 3D printing, people can print their daily life tools, they can print fitting shoes, sometimes they can event print food. Moreover, there are examples of building constructions using specialized 3D printers.

Artificial Intelligence

Actually, AI (including machine learning and deep learning) is taking part from most of the above technologies. Self-driving cars, drones, and robots are depending on AI. Additionally, Both Government and private companies are looking for it. Governments need to prioritize their spending while companies need to know how to attract more customers and understand existing ones.

Augmented Reality

Closing the gap between virtual life and real world. In on scene, you can see them both.

Engineers are able to see underground utilities … Tourists are able to visualize info about locations during sight seeing… more applications are there

Augmented Reality - Engineers

Augmented Reality - Tourism


2020 Technologies

The previous are just examples. More 2020 technologies are there to make human life easier. the target is to let humans do activities easier, faster & safer. That is the target but we always see a side effect of technology. Hope the benefits will be much larger than side effects.