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An imaginary alternative ending for Friends

Friends sitcom series comedy

Why I am thinking about an alternative ending

The end of series is trying to give a life lesson, which is life goes on … we go through multiple phases in life, and can’t live in just one phase forever… In one phase, our friends are like our family. Then, we move to another phase when each of us starts to build his own family. Our friends can definitely remain friends. However, maybe we will not see them every single day as we used to. Everyone gets busy with his/her new life. We may even move to new locations with longer physical distances from each other… Yes, that can be sad, but C’est la vie.

Although we can understand this, I guess the ending is giving us that lesson in an extreme way (leaving Monica’s house, the heart location of the show), for multiple reasons:

  • Changes don’t have to be that extreme …. Along the seasons, we already see life changes… At the 1st episode, we see Monica & Rachel living in one apartment, and Joey & Chandler living in the next one. Along the seasons, Rachel had to move out, while Chandler moved in with Monica and a more serious relationship … Rachel has moved in her life from that spoiled girl to the responsible working mother… Ross became a father for two kids … Phoebe married…

However, with all these changes, they kept this great friendship alive, which represents a valuable support system for all of them … while they struggle with life, they know they are supported by each other… No one should sacrifice this treasure.

Monica’s apartment is a symbol for this bond… At the last episode, we see them realize that each of them has lived in this place during a chapter of his/her life, and they all has keys. Watching them get out of it forever looks like a collapse of this friendship, with all the memories they shared there, and we shared with them.

  • The show ended at a very vulnerable & sad moment … we see them closing a beautiful phase of their life, without giving us any good or cheerful indicators about the next phase. Just stopped at shutting the door… the series that succeeded in generating loud laughs for 10 years, ended with tears instead of hopeful smiles


Alternative Ending


Joey meets again with Erin (or Janine)… both of them has gone through multiple relations, and looking for a serious one. They start dating couple of times, we see a good potential that Joey will finally find the one… He also will move on with life, and will not be alone.

Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe

No change

Monica and Chandler

They buy that new house, but they don’t make an immediate move

Final scenes

After buying the new house, Monica and Chandler are living in their apartments with other friends. They discuss the moving plan. They remember multiple memories in this apartment… The kitchen where Monica was preparing food for everyone … The window where Rachel spent her first night after running away from her wedding with Barry … The fridge where Joey used to steal food … the living room and dining tables where they shared night of thanks giving, Christmas, and birthdays …. etc.

Someone asks if Monica and Chandler have to move out that soon, they respond that it is not easy to afford to houses. Ross and joey ask them if they considered the daily trip from that far house to their work locations. Rachel and Phoebe ask if they thought about the expected frequent follow-up trips to doctors for both babies … They all find that transportation cost will be reduced if they stay at the apartment, at least for a while…. This may help them keep the apartment. Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and joey claims that they have valuable memories in this place, and they cannot afford losing it. They announce they are ready to support in the rent… they all are in a better financial status now… Joey is a more famous actor with better income … Ross has just secured a permeant job in university…. Rachel has a new salary increase from Ralph Lauren… Phoebe is doing well in her career, and has a stable life after marriage. Therefore, they all are ready to keep this place that hosts all these memories.

So, Monica and Chandler will remain at this apartment while they can spend wee-ends in the house. Actually, they suggest they all can gather sometimes in the new house. And Monica can be the host, as she always was enjoying being so.

Then, we move to another scene at the new house where there is a big party as an after-birth baby shower for the new baby twins. We see the new house … Monica and Chandlers are the hosts … Joey and Erin are both eating … Ross and Rachel watch Ben and Emma play together in the garden. … Phoebe and Mike are talking about having a baby… Monica and Chandler tell them that other houses are still available in the neighborhood … All couples think that it will be nice to have their future houses here, and be neighbors again … They all will think about that… they talk about the Thanks Giving day which will be coming in few days… Monica tells them that she will host it as usual, but not in the new house … that will be in her apartments.

On thanks Giving day, we see them all (8 characters) in Monica’s apartment again. They talk about their coming plans in work and life… Monica serves the food on the familiar dinning table…. They express their thanks for this house that witnessed their memories, and their different life chapter. They drink a toast to their forever strong friendship.

Camera makes a Zoom-out … we see them all happy … we see the whole house full of live and happiness … End.