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Islamic Cairo – Architecture reflecting History

Islamic Cairo - Dome of Qanibai El-Rammah mosque

One of the must-visit locations in Egypt is Islamic Cairo. The buildings reflects a history that extended from 640 to 1798 AD. During more than a thousand years, a huge number of mosques and other buildings were built. Many of them succeeded in resisting the time and stay till today. That is why Islamic Cairo covers large areas. Therefore, visitors may need more that one day to cover it all.

In case you have limited time, then there are two areas that you have to visit:

Salah Eldin Square

When you visit it, you can visit mosque &  school of Sultan Hassan (one of the most marvelous buildings from this era). and other mosques such as AL-Refai mosque (belongs to Modern History), Mahmodia mosque, Qanibai Al-Rammah mosque, and others.

Al-Moez Street

This street is one thousand years old. Along the street, you will find many Archaeological buildings on both sides. Therefore, wlaking in Al-Moez street is like walking in history. Al-Moez street is a long one. you may spend a whole complete day to cover it with the main sites.


The Gallery

The gallery below displays some of the images that I captured during my visit to Islamic Cairo locations. each building can tell an interesting history about the story behind the construction. Aside from the story, you will definitely enjoy the sight seeing. moreover, you can not resist the excitement when you stand inside a building that is 1000 years old. your mind will immediately imagine the past life and people who were standing in this place hundreds of years ago.

If you are interested in history, I would like to invite you to visit this story map: Land of Life.

For now, I hope you like the photos below. I am welcoming feedbacks. also feel free to send me asking about the story of these buildings.


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