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Kareem Nabeel, when Art & philosophy meet

Kareem Nabeel

Kareem Nabeel is one of the remarkable visual artists in Egypt…  His main interest is photography & cinema … Many of Egyptian photographers are either his friends or his student. When he holds the camera, his lens records more than a nice photo. There is a philosophy behind the shot.

Kareem’s success story reveals several tips and lessons that are valid for the success, regardless your field of interest.

Kids know better

Kareem studied in Faculty of Science. His major with Chemistry. After graduation in 2001, he worked in a regular 9 to 5 job. Then, he felt it is time to start his trip of finding his passion.

Kareem had a theory: to find your passion, ask the kid inside you because he knows it better. Actually, when we are kids, we simply go after what makes us happy. However, when we get older, we go after things for different reasons. We go after what makes us rich, or what the community likes ….but only kids know the true passion.

When he was a Kid, Kareem liked Art… painting or cinema …. Therefore, he decided to follow this direction. He selected Painting, took several courses in it, and participated in exhibitions. In Parallel, Kareem liked reading. Beside Art, he read many books for many writers.

When life opens a door, go through it

One day, Kareem submitted some paintings to an exhibition along with one photo taken just from a mobile camera. To his surprise, they accepted that photo to join the exhibition. Kareem took it as a sign that Life is opening a new door. And he responded positively.

Kareem got a camera. It was just a compact small camera, not a professional one, and started to take photos. He took his time practicing and taking lot of photos before getting a professional camera. Then, he continued the photography trip.

Later,  Kareem opened a new door by taking a new step towards Cinema. He studied film directing at the Institute of cinema through the free section and graduated from the workshop filmmaking offered by the Arab School for Cinema and Television.

Have a community

When he started photography, Kareem took his camera to streets. He photographed the daily life of people. But he was not alone. He started, with friends, a Facebook group (Infocus) where some others joined his photography outings. In parallel, he started giving photography courses in Sawy Culture Wheel, the famous culture center in Cairo. Then, he invited students to his group outings for practicing in field. Gradually, the group started to grow more & more.

Kareem built a whole community of photography lovers. They traveled around Egypt, took videos everywhere, and received several awards.

Kareem Nabeel

Innovate, and Fine Arts is not an exception

Currently, Kareem moved to a new level. His current interest in Fine Arts. In his recent Exhibition “Death in Tableaus”, he came out with an innovative idea. Kareem worked with a team of Artists to mix Photography with Calligraphy, Customs and Philosophy as well.

Below paragraphs and images are from Kareem’s album.

The exhibition presents eight portraits photos describing the content of several scenes embody the idea of death. there is a wooden frame in each Portrait surrounding the face vicious circle as a symbol of the empty world in this context, a big collection of poetic verses selected from poems the of the greatest poets and written in diverse of Arabic calligraphy.

Every Verse is telling us the story of the image sometimes in direct sense, and sometimes we saw a different interpretation of the proximity to what we want, so that it becomes the verse, face and event line and one case embodies the idea of description of the works.

In the pan images, it seems obvious that eastern attendance incarnated in fashion inspired by the paintings of Orientalists and the font types employed in the verses listed, as well as in East features of faces that reflect the suffering of the characters and their various impressions.

Image of the newborn

New Born

Here I am already dead from atresia and created from nuclei
And sets off across the tracks and through tunnels to the Hobo
Announcing the birth of a new era

The image of the wise

I feel myself in the footsteps of the yard
And I’ve never had to live, but misery
Oh Lord if my time comes
and still not allow for my mind to solve the judiciary puzzle
poet: Omar El Khayam


Cup of blood

Cup of blood, carried by the one who Backbitten him after his death, it is a symbol for every moment they backbitten him where the demolition and he had a blur of good in the world, remains unchanged spirit in pain, tranquility in silence or death.


A Secrets for success

Kareem NabeelIn my own opinion, a key skill behind Kareem’s success is the ability to utilize & mix accumulated experiences.

Kareem started with his passion for drawing in additional to reading. When he moved to photography, he utilized painting in setting his cadre for a better artistic photo. Then, when he moved to films, he utilized photography for making a better image. Also he utilized his travels during photography trips to select the best locations for his films. Recently, in his exhibition, he utilized his readings as well as a source for inspiration and ideas …

This mix is a gift.

Kareem Nabeel – Awards

  • Nikon – First prize in NIKON Contest for Videographers in Egypt – 2015. Kareem won the prize for him short file “Threads of Nile”.
  • Sawy Culture Wheel (Several Awards) – 2014
  • Nile Salon award – 2013
  • Youth Salon “Salon Al-Shabab” award – 2012
  • Sharjah photo award, UAE – 2011

Additionally, Kareem was nominated in 2011 to be a member of the Board of Directors Association of Photographers of Egypt.

Threads of Nile - Kareem Nabeel


When I asked Kareem about his dreams for the future, He said “I want to keep adding new ideas to my work”. Simply, his dream is about continuing the creativity & innovation. Till now, Kareem is doing that very well.

Kareem Nabeel

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