Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Minimalism Just do your best

Being minimal is really easy! You have to live with a certain blueprint, in both materialistic and non-materialistic ways. I have decided to work hardly on myself to achieve a level of stress-free life that depends on being minimal. According to Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus being minimalistic is not a fad, and has no restrictions. 

Minimalism is a tool to assist you in finding your freedom. It is all about de-attaching from our material things! So to sum it up, minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

Minimalism will help you live a stress free life to save more time for more important things. Instead of spending time & stressing over choosing your attire every morning, you will free this time to plan your day ahead & de-stress. Minimalism will help you to only own the needed items, if you don’t need a car don’t buy to save your money for different experiences and save your time for more important things.

I have started to try a minimalistic lifestyle to minimize my stress levels & re-direct my focus to the more important things in my life. I’d use the saved time in relaxing, reading, listening to podcasts, writing, working on more personal projects. I will work more efficiently to save more time to learn, innovate, create.
I will keep you posted with all the new things happening to my life after applying the minimalistic lifestyle.