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Mohamed Samy – Miniature art in Egypt

Mohamed Samy - Miniature art in Egypt

Did you notice something in the above picture? … We can see a desk, a chair, some shelves, and lot of papers … It is a whole room. However, the whole room is as small as your hand. That is a sample piece of miniature art by Mohamed Samy.

What is Miniature art?

Miniature is a category of Art that is about making small pieces of art (especially painting, engraving and sculpture). An often-used definition is that a piece of miniature art can be held in the palm of the hand.

This is not a new track. Historically, Miniature has started hundreds of years ago. If you a frequent visitor to museums, you will see multiple collections of miniature art pieces in many museums around the world.

Miniature art is used in Cinema. According to Mohamed, movies such as Harry Potter, Titanic, and others have used miniature pieces for filming several senses.

Mohamed Samy - Miniature Art in Egypt - Car

Mohamed Samy

Mohamed Samy is an Egyptian artist. Originally, Mohamed is a pharmacist. However, he had artistic tendencies since childhood. He liked to draw, and create shapes using clay. Later on, Mohamed faced a problem that turning soft clay sculptures to hard & solid ceramics requires very high temperature using special ovens. That was not available. Instead, Mohammed started to try mixing clay with other materials in order to make his sculptures as rigid as ceramics, without the high temperature… And he succeeded.

Mohamed Samy - Miniature Art in Egypt - Borsa Cafe

Mohamed started focusing on miniature art. Although this art is not new, Mohamed added the touch of the Egyptian culture. His pieces reflects locations from the Egyptian daily life such as the famous “Borsa Café” , and Egyptian traditional homes with all the details. Actually, you will be impressed by all the details he adds in complete scene that is as small as a hand palm.

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You can view more samples of his work on his page here

Moreover, Mohamed started to add another dimension, which is a story behind the scene. He imagines a whole life for an employee working in a governmental entity during a specific phase from history, and that is his desk.


Mohamed Samy - Miniature Art in Egypt - Caricature

In additional to miniature, Mohammed also draws caricatures. Due to his experience as a pharmacist, he draws funny caricatures inspired from the daily life of pharmacist.


You can visit his caricatures page here:


Recent Projects

A recent project for Mohamed is “25 doors”. It is about creating 25 doors from the Egyptian heritage using miniature art.  Another project is creating a whole scene for a village using miniature art. The scene will be a cover for a new novel. Moreover, Mohamed is providing training courses for attendees who are interested to learn miniature art. Mohamed has a dream the miniatures take significant roles in Egyptian cinema.

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