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Olympics, where science breaks the records


It is the Olympics, the largest sports event on this planet. Thousands of athletes from the whole world compete for the honor of Olympic medal.

Olympics - recordEach tournament, we watch how athletes break the records. It is a continuous passion to be stronger, faster & higher. The question is: how do they do that?

The answer is there are several factors, but one of the key factors is Science.

Olympics, Sports & Science

gymnastics - OlympicsNowadays, teams hire scientists who do researches & analysis about improving performance. They help coaches and athletes do their moves more efficiently. For example, they help in to minimizing air resistance for runners or cyclers, or minimizing water resistance for swimmers, transferring speed to higher elevation for jumping…. Etc.

Additionally, scientists are continuously enhancing sport equipment and suits for even boosting athlete performance. Current running shoes are much more efficient than years ago. Current lanes ropes in Swimming pools have improved to absorb the waves that swimmers create which reduces turbulence and let swimmers move faster than before.

Scientists are working hard to continuously improve performance and help athletes break more records.

This website includes posts about sports science in different sports.


Academic study

Due to the increasing need for scientists in sports, universities now have programs and academic degrees in Sport Science specialty. Students attend classes about human anatomy, bio-mechanics, nutrition, exercise physiology, and sport and exercise psychology.

Olympics -Sports Science

Graduates work in coaching, sport related industries or in the sport business field as well. We found this ranking for sports science program in UK universities.


Some examples

The following TED talk about the role of science in enhancing the performance with several examples.


Enjoy the Olympics

For Rio 2016, there are 10,500 athletes from 206 countries around the world competing in 42 sports. Enjoy the marvelous event & watch the best athletes break the records.

Olympics - bolt