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Do you have ideas to share with the world?

Welcome to Quality Life Magazine! Your contribution is appreciated.

Participation guide:

  • Submitted content can be in the form of text  (word documents), images or a videos.

  • If the content (or part of it) is copied from another source, kindly mention the source reference.

  • For articles, we expect the article to be 700 – 1000 words. However, this is not a strict boundary. Quality of content comes first. Moreover, we expect organized articles with a title for each sub idea, to be in a good format, spell checked, and with a decent & easy language.
  • Generally, content should be valuable.

  • The received materials will be checked by our team, then if everything is OK, we will be pleased to publish your content right away. In case we have any comments or inquiries, we will get back to you.

  • In all cases, the Intellectual Property of submitted materials will remain yours. Your published content will appear on our site with your name.

  • If you have a website, a Facebook page or a personal blog, let us know so that we can add the related URLs next to your content as well.


We accept participation in the following topics:

  • Lifestyle: such as fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, sports, decor,  … etc.

  • Travel & Tourism: you may give advice to other travelers, share your travel experiences, tell us about people & culture, or describe selected touristic locations.

  • Business: the scope is open to anything related to how to make a better business.

  • Technology: The scope is open to all new technology advances.
  • Better community: success stories, studies or ideas to for serving community & make the world better.

  • Art: Show your creativity & talent.

If you like to participate, kindly submit your participation materials in additional to this Participation Form  and a personal photo (optional) to our mail:


Kindly set the mail subject as: Participate – <your name> – <title>.

We are waiting for your valuable contribution.

Quality Life team