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How to plan my trip & Travel with confidence

Plan my trip

A key factor for enjoying your trip is the good planning before travel. for myself, I learned to plan my trip from the actual travel experience. In my first trip, I did not do much planning. Therefore, I was unaware where to buy my needs, or how to move from a place to another. However, in my last trip, I was moving around the city with confidence as If I was living there for years. I had good knowledge about the shops, transportation means, sightseeing locations…etc. … it is about how to plan my trip.

In this article, I will give you some tips about how to prepare your trips so that you can travel with confidence.

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Travel Basic Checks

Almost everyone follows this common checklist. However, let us mention them as a reminder.


A basic step is to check weather at the destination during your travel. Accordingly, you take appropriate clothes.


Check if you speak their language. Otherwise, you should have a plan B. A good solution is to have Google Translate service on your mobile phone. Then, you can write what you want and google translates it to the other language, and vice versa.


Get awareness about the other currency, conversion rate from your own currency.


Sometimes, you need to take specific vaccines before vising some countries. It is better to check and follow the health regulations and instructions.

Electricity Plug

You will need electricity there. As a common case, you will need to charge your laptop or mobile phone. Therefore, you need to check if the destination has the electricity plug that matches your devices. If not, you will need to buy an adapter and take it with you. Otherwise, you have to search for an adapter there. this link provides information about electricity plus per country.

Security Measures

You should check if it is safe to move freely around the city. Or if you need to avoid specific districts or specific times.

Roaming service

To keep yourself accessible during the trip, you may buy a mobile line at the destination, or use the roaming service with the existing line. Therefore, it is better to check with your mobile operator about roaming service in the destination, and be sure you have enough credit before the travel.


Plan My Trip

Now as we finished the basic checks, it is time for real planning.

Make a map

A core part of planning my trip is to make a map.

Step One: Find the places you want to visit. You can search on TripAdvisor, or just Google. Additionally, each country has its touristic websites with recommended locations.

Step Two: Open Google Earth and put previous locations as pins on map.

map pins
Sample pins on google map

Step Three: look at the locations on map and try to classify them into groups. Each group consists of some locations with short distance among them. Accordingly, you can visit a group or two in one day. At the end, you build a map & a schedule

Step Four: search for the hotels and hostels and make a short list that suits your needs and budget. Then, add hotels on same map you built in step two. Hence, you can select the hotel that is close to the locations you want to visit.

Step Five: once you select a hotel, search Google for the nearby supermarket, pharmacy, restaurant, and other stores to buy daily needs.

At the end of these Five steps, you have a map of your hotel, nearby stores and locations to visit.


360 degree photos


Once you set the locations, have a look at the related 360-degree images. This will get you familiar with places even before the actual travel.

For example, when you be there, you will be able to find your hotel easily, identify the entrance and get awareness about the surrounding view. You get all the info without the need to ask people stop & ask people in the street.

Transportation & Route Planning

After setting the locations, next part is to know how to how to move from a location to another. Luckily, google earth gets you that info.

If you set the start and end points, Google will get you the route with details about the available public transportation.

As you can see in the following image, I got info about my route using public transportation has two parts: first part is by train and the second is by bus. For each, I received the number line number, station names, and the estimated time.

route planning

You may rad about Dubai Smart Bus Shelters.


It is an exciting experience to try local food during your trip. Therefore, it is helpful to get idea about what you can eat there. Then, back to “make a map” step, you can search and drop some pins on map for the restaurants providing that food.

This website gives you a hint about famous food in many countries with the ingredients.


Food - Pizza


festivalIt will be fun to attend festivals and fun events during the trip. So, you can check if a festival will be organized during your stay there. Alternately, you may plan your trip days to match the festival time.

Simply, you can google these events. Otherwise, many websites give you this info. The following websites lists many festivals around the world.


Record your plan

After spending time in planning, do not forget to take this plan with you. For example, you may store it on your mobile phone or your tablet. However, I recommend to additionally print it out. Actually, having a hard-copy will make it easier and even faster to access plan details any time.


Enjoy …

Travel Photographer

The last step after planning your trip is to enjoy it. Have fun during moving around places with confidence as residents. Try to get all benefits from your travel. You may read the 7 benefits you gain from travel.

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