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Royal Egypt – Muhammad Ali and family

Royal Egypt - muhammad ali Pasha Egypt

A tour inside a magical period in the Egyptian History. That period started in 1805 when Muhammad Ali Pasha, then his family, took the lead in Egypt. A number of remarkable and magnificent buildings from this phase are lasting till today.

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Muhammad Ali and family

We mean by Royal Egypt the period of Egyptian History started from 1805 to 1952. That started when Muhammad Ali became the ruler of Egypt shortly after the end of  the French campaign on Egypt. After Muhammad Ali, his family (sons and grand sons) continued to rule Egypt. King Farouk was the last ruler from Muhammad Ali’s family. He was forced to give up the throne and travel outside the country.

Royal Egypt - muhammad ali Pasha Egypt

Why it is unique

This is a unique phase of Egyptian history for multiple reasons:

  • It is a relatively recent period (Ended less than 100 years ago).
  • That was generally a renaissance period in most of it. before this phase, Egypt was only a state suffering under the umbrella of the Ottoman Empire. When Muhammad Ali became the ruler, he started to build a strong country. he have attention to education, agriculture, construction, and military. most of subsequent rulers  continued on the same track. That phase witnessed the flourish of many famous Egyptian writers and scientists such as Taha Hussein, Tawfiq al-Hakim, Ali Moustafa Mosharafa, and others.
  • The magnificent architecture. That period gave us many remarkable buildings, and we will see some of them during the tour.

The tour below gives an overview about royal family and buildings in that phase of history.

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