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COVID-19 Second Wave on Map

Corona Virus COVID-19 second wave

Many countries around the world are currently experiencing the second wave of Corona Virus COVID-19.

This interactive map below presents two indicators about the current status of this second wave worldwide:

  • Incident Rate: this is the ratio of total confirmed cases to the country population. Generally, it seems that Africa has a relatively low incident rate compared with other parts of the world
  • Mortality Rate: this is the ratio of deaths to the total confirmed cases. We can notice that some countries have relatively higher mortality rate compared with other countries around the world

Data below is according to status on 14 December. Source of Data: the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the Johns Hopkins University.

You can open the map in a new browser tab here:

This interactive map is created using ArcGIS online. you can check other maps here:

To know how to built a Story Map, check this article here:

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