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What if you can start a life on Mars? … will you leave earth?

Life on Mars

elon muskAfter the recent speech of Elon Musk, having a Life on Mars is no longer a science fiction. Actually, it turned into a real plan. According to Musk, he is going to establish the first colony on Mars by sending thousands of people during the next few years. SpaceX, Musk’s company, will do that using a fleet of space ships transferring people to the red plant.

Let us assume these plans will come to reality …

Now the question is: what if you got an offer to be among the new Mars Residents?! … What will be your decision? … Will you accept the offer and start a new life on Mars? … or you will simply decline and go on with your life on mother earth.

Elon Musk Plan for Mars


Let us think a little about the Pros & Cons.

Life on Mars, the Pros

It is a fresh new planet …if you enjoy exploring new places; you will feel the excitement of previous famous explorers just as Christopher Columbus & Vasco de Gama felt hundreds of years ago.

You can start a brand new life. If you have a broken heart after a failed relation, have problems with your boss, or do not like your neighbors, you will leave all the past behind and start a gain millions of kilometers away from your bad memories.

If you want to feel important, you may feel proud of yourself there. What can be better than paving a new planet for the first time in history? … Hundreds of years from now, people will remember you as a legend.

Mars can be safer than earth … In earth, life can be eliminated with only few clicks… with pressing some buttons, humans can release nuclear weapons and start a war that destroys the whole planet. Unless you are on mars, you are living in a continuous nuclear threat.

In Mars, you will find no annoying insects, poisoning snakes, or dangerous animal. Unless you find new organisms there, the only living creatures will be humans who traveled there and any species they may take with them.

If needed, you can get back to earth! … Actually, Mars is not too far. In the past, a trip to Mars would take hundreds of days. Now, Musk is scheduling for only 80 days per trip. With technology advances, trips will take even shorter times. Therefore, building a transportation line from & to Mars can be applicable. However, costs are still high. Meanwhile, satellites keeps communications with earth available any time.

Life on Mars

Challenges for Life on Mars

Life on Mars is different. Actually, Mars is not prepared for man as earth.

While our Oxygen percentage is 21%. Percentage on Mars is less than 1%. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide 96%. In Brief, humans cannot breathe naturally on Mars.

Moreover, atmospheric pressure on Mars is less than 1% of pressure on Earth. Exposing to that low pressure for few minutes will cause either death or at least permeant injuries in body tissues.

Temperature is another challenge. Mars is further away from the sun than earth, which makes it a colder planet than ours. Additionally, Mars’s atmosphere is about 100 times thinner than Earth’s. That means the planet lacks a “thermal blanket” to retain the heat. Therefore, in a summer day on Mars, temperature can reach 20 °C. Then it drops to -100 °C at night.

That is why astronauts use spacesuits to provide them with adequate oxygen, pressure & temperature.


Life on Mars, Cons

Due to the previous facts about Mars, you will miss the natural pleasant environment that we have on Earth.  That includes fresh air, blue cloudy sky, running water & green trees. All you will find there is a cold desert.

Even humans who lived thousands of years ago on earth had a better luck. The lacked the technology and lived in caves. However, they could find a suitable atmosphere, natural plants to eat, and animals to hunt.

Therefore, the first Mars residents will have hard time until they manage to build a livable place. Actually, I do not know how they will do that.


Remember Mark Watney?

Mark Watney

When we think about Life on Mars, we remember the movie ”The Martian”, a 2015 British-American science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, based on Andy Weir’s 2011 novel The Martian.

The story is about the Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon). During a mission to Mars, Mark is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself alone on the red planet. With little supplies, Mark had a challenge to keep himself alive for months until they figure out how to rescue him.

If you watch the movie, you can imagine the challenges that will face the first Mars Residents.

Can you select?

Now if you have the option … Life on Earth vs Life on Mars … what will you select?