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Success in the millennials era!


First, we should define “whom are the millennials?” in the first place … Millennials are the people who were born between the 1980s and 2000. They are known as generation Y/gen Y too. The first generation to grow up in a world that is full of digital technology.

We, millennials, are about 1.7 billion around the world. Therefore, we represent about 25% of world’s population. Within few years, Millennials, we will represent 75% of the global workforce.

Millennial generation Common characteristics

millennials - technology
As a defined cohort, millennials do have some common characteristics such as:

  • Being well-educated (A large percentage)
  • Technology addicted (being connected, collaborated, transparent)
  • Community-oriented (locally & globally)
  • Conscious, global citizens & no boarders should define them (the whole world is a one country)
  • Entrepreneurial by nature (startups that are different in sizes)
  • Change agents (we are the change we want to see in the world)
  • Empathetic (can put ourselves in your shoes)
  • Challenging (never settling for less)
  • Confident (having great self-knowledge)
  • Practical, multi-taskers, remote, impatient (now or never)
  • Adventurous, instant recognition (make me proud of my successes)
  • Flexible (can work with global timings)
  • In addition, career-oriented (need to build their CVs in a young age).

This previous characteristics were based on my own life experiences with myself and witnessing my millennials’ friends & relatives. I also spend some time surfing the internet to make sure that other people have a similar point of view as mine.


Millennials are born to succeed

millennials - success

Based on my own experience, success is easier if you are a millennial! Based on the above characteristics, we are born to succeed. We are all raised up to the words of our parents, teachers, professors, and any other person we consider as our role model & listen to “if you can dream it, then you can achieve it!”.

Own Experience

After years of education with all the ups and the downs, I have managed to continue my educational journey in an elite university in Egypt that requires hard-working nature. Through out the four university years, I was able to be part of different activity working groups & extracurricular activities. Moreover, I worked during the summer vacation to get a real-life experience.

Due to my multi-tasking & challenging skills, I have managed to work in two different careers. One is management based on my studies & the other is journalism based on my hobbies. Here, I am proving that millennials can succeed & this era is ours. It is not a personal success story or a success gene inherited in my family. Actually, it can be the story of any one of you, as soon as you believe in yourself.


What we need

millennials - Work space

Based on “business know how” website, businesses should offer a certain kit to millennials. That is in order to attract them to work & succeed within their companies. This kit includes:

  1. Flexible working schedules: to gain the work-life balance that we seek.
  2. Relaxed workplace & a room for social interactions: as we are facing the real-world, being married & having children is not easy.
  3. Provide training: we are believing that education is the road to success.
  4. Contribute to the society as a company: being community engaged is a priority to us.
  5. Expose them to education on different parts of your business. Then, let them know the old employees (we need to feel connected & having checkpoints)
  6. Think twice before choosing their boss: we need a tight bond with our boss, a boss that is caring & aware
  7. Tell them the results you need & leave them figure out the way
  8. Hold them accountable for their mistakes & praise their success
  9. Assign them to several projects at the same time: praise their multi-tasking skills
  10. Introduce them to the clients: let them work collaboratively in a team
  11. Shorten the feedback loop: we are used to constant & instant feedbacks
  12. Provide coaching sessions for the career-path: we think we deserve to be promoted weekly


We are unique

In my own point of view, we -the millennials- will never fit to the traditional and classical view of a company or a boss. We are unique with unique needs. Accordingly, we are here to transform the business to match our needs and our characteristics. We are here to drive the millennial generations, whether it is a 9-5 job or an entrepreneurial role. We are here to succeed in the millennial era!