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عزيزي صاحب العمل، شجع على العمل من المنزل … وأنت الكسبان

على مدى أسابيع مضت ... الكثير من الموظفين لجأوا للعمل من المنزل (الذين تسمح طبيعة عملهم بذلك) تجنبا لانتشار فيروس كورونا المستجد أو الملقب بـ Covid-19... وحتى الذين يتطلب عملهم إقامة اجتماعات متكررة مع الزملاء أو العملاء، قاموا بتلك الاجتماعات عن بعد... شمل ذلك موظفين في شركات اتصالات وشركات البرمجيات

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Liverpool FC - LFC Business

Behind the scene, Liverpool FC from Business Perspective

People enjoy goals ... Meanwhile, Liverpool as well as all football clubs, converts popularity of players and scored goals into business opportunities. As we mentioned in the previous article about Real Madrid, football means business, which is called the Football Industry. Beside the football team, an equally important business team works

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Location Analytics - Business Intelligence - Business Analysis

Location Analytics, A new dimension for business

Two facts ... one: competition is tough. Two: Information is power. That is why managers try to perform a business analysis and utilize every piece of information to improve the performance. Recently, Location Analytics is becoming a basic ingredient of the successful business analysis and decision making process. Actually, location is the common factor

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Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan - Oldest company in the world Family Business

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, Oldest family business company in the world

Did you hear about Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan? Let me tell you ... Companies face continuous changes in market environment, tough competitions, and changes in management along time. Therefore, not all companies survive. Only some of the succeed to remain in market and run their business for long. Therefore, old companies feel proud of

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Sales Figures - Selected Stories

Thinking beyond sales figures – two selected stories

The focus for most managers is concentrated on the sales figures. They spend most of their time to increase the company sales so that they meet the financial targets. Hence, they can satisfy top management, the board, and shareholders. On the other hands, the fact is financial statements do not reflect

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Dubai Smart Bus Shelters

10 things you can do while waiting in Dubai Smart Bus Shelters

Everything is going smart in Dubai, even the bus shelters … While waiting for the bus inside the air-conditioned shelter, you can get use of the minutes and get many of on-the-go products and services. that makes bus shelters in Dubai different from regular bus stations we know.. Currently, there are

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