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10 selected movies we are waiting in 2017

Movies in 2017

A famous way for enjoying time is to go out and watch a movie. In Cinema, that magical world, when lights go out and movie starts, we travel to another world and live with characters on the big screens. So, … As 2017 is about to start, world of cinema is preparing a bunch of new movies. Here, I selected ten of the top movies in 2017 that many of us are waiting.

Movies in 2017:

1.    Beauty And The Beast

We never get enough of fairy-tales. It is always nice to watch a beautiful story like “Beauty and The Beast”. We learn that we shouldn’t judge people by the first look. In life, some people may look like the beast but their hearts are kind & pure. There are others who have attractive faces and evil souls.

There is another reason for waiting the new movie. Simply, it is the beautiful Emma Watson. In 2017 version, she will be playing the role of Belle.

2.    Despicable me 3

Who said animation movies are only for kids ?! … we all enjoy them regardless how old are we. For “Despicable Me 3”, the previous 1 & 2 movies were successful one. Every one enjoyed watching Mr. Gru and the hilarious yellow creatures called minions. Therefore, we are waiting for their next adventure.

3.    Star Wars 8

In 2017, Star Wars completes 40 years since the release of the first movie (1977). That makes them one of the long lasting movie series along time. The coming one will be the 8th movie of the series. Due to technology advances and the evolution in special effects, we expect a wonderful one.

4.    The Mummy

Many movies presented the imaginary story of the mummies. In 2017, a new movie is coming to the cinema. This time, Tom Cruise will be the star.

5.    The boss baby

Another animation movie. The story is about a baby, who is actually a boss is wearing a suit with a tie. It is a new creative idea that looks interesting

6.    The Fate Of The Furious

For those who like the speed, action & gun fires, this movie is for you. The three action gurus Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are coming to cinema in the 8th movie of a series started in 2001 with “The Fast and the Furious”.

7.    The Founder

For those who have interest in business and success stories (like me), you may find this movie interesting. It tells the story behind one of the most famous burger chains in USA & the world. Although I don’t eat burger, the story remains interesting.

The film had a limited release on December 7, 2016. However, it will open wide in January, 2017

8.    The Space Between Us

This movie is a mix between science fiction and romance. It tells about a kid who was born and raised away on another planet (Mars) then, he visits Earth and he knows almost nothing about life on our planet. He is a human. However, he is like an alien coming from space.

9.    Justice League

When I saw the previous movie “Batman vs Superman”, I felt angry because they killed superman at the end. Accordingly, I am giving them another chance to see if superman will come back.

10.   Smurfs

If you notice, this is the 3rd animation movie (out of 10). This is to ensure the animation movies are for everyone, not only kids. For those who were born in 80s, you may remember the old cartoon movies about these blue creatures called Smurfs. In 2017, a new adventure for them is coming to cinemas.


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