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Our top 10 posts in 2016 … A year in a glance

2016 top 10 posts

Hello Everyone … Happy New Year …

2016 has witnessed the appearance of QualityLifeMag to the world. During the year, we published posts focused focusing on having a better life. We discussed topics like Education, Business, Travel, Happiness, Technology, community, environment and others. We hope to continue in providing quality posts to our readers .

If you missed some of our last year posts, here we picked for you the top 10 posts we published in 2016. Posts are sorted according to posting time.


Rania Hilal, When Heritage inspires Innovation – July 2016                   

Rania Hilal

This year, we selected two remarkable faces to present in our site. First one was Rania Hilal, a talented and creative designer. She designs unique accessories and leather products. Moreover, Rania has her contribution in community development. She participated in workshops and events that aim at developing several local communities.

The full article and samples of her products are here.


Why Homeschooling with curriculum is a good Education Strategy – August 2016


Because education is important to all nations, all communities are looking for better education systems so that they can build better future for the next generations. Accordingly, we talked about education. We presented some un-traditional education strategies. One of them is Homeschooling. In this article, we discussed this technique. We highlighted why homeschooling is one of the good education strategies. You can read the full article here.


Kareem Nabeel, when Art & philosophy meet – September 2016

Kareem Nabeel

One of the remarkable photographers in Egypt. Kareem has used photography to mix philosophy with Art. Along his trip with photography, Kareem moved from street photography to photography training to short films. He received several internal & international prizes as well.

Our full article highlight this successful and inspiring trip. You can read it here.


What you should know about Big Data Analytics and applications – September 2016

Big Data

Big data is one of the most important technology trends during the coming years. Either you decide it or not, you are involved in Big Data. On the other hand, many are asking what big data is, how it is used, how we are involved, and how can we join the trend by working in this field. Therefore, we wrote about Big Data. In our article, we tried to provide a comprehensive awareness about Big Data and what you should know about it. You can read full article here.


10 Major drone applications … the new Air business – December 2016

Drone Applications - Drone Uses

Drones are expanding. Shortly, everyone will try to get his own drone. There are many applications for drones in the different sectors. In our article, we listed the 10 major drone application. However, the innovation never ends. World will find more and more applications for drones. You can read the full article here.


Masdar City in Abu Dhabi .. first zero emission sustainable city – October 2016

Masdar City

Because world is trying to move from fossil fuel to renewable energy, we wrote this article about the first zero emission city. It is a model for a future city that depends only on renewable energy for its need. This city is Madar City in Abu Dhabi. It is a unique city that provide inspiration for the world.

Learn more about the city in our full article here. 


Mahllawyat – August 2016


We have opened Quality Life Gallery. This gallery is open for artists to present they master pieces to the world. In the gallery, we presented “Mahllawyat”. This gallery provides several nice drawings. Just used a paper and pencil.

You can visit the gallery and have a look at the Mahllawyat here.


I Worked from home, Amy … WFH Pros & Cons – August 2016

Work from home - SMEs

It is a dream for some of us. That is when we can work from home. Then, need not to wake up early, go out in hot sunny days or cold freezing one, and drive through crowded streets to reach the office. We simply can avoid that by working from home.

However, this can have some Pros & Cons. In this article here, you can read about both sides.


A Royal Drink – August 2016

Did you know the story behind tea? … do you know why it is a royal drink. We have the answer. This is an amazing gallery about tea accompanied with a brief about the story behind it. Enjoy it here.


After Mars, Elon Musk targets sun with Tesla solar roofs – December 2016

Elcon Musk Solar Roofs

Actually, we wrote two articles related to Elon Musk. One of them is about his plan to build a colony in Mars. The other one is this article about his new solar roofs. Elon musk, presented new solar roofs that are both efficient and most looking. That will encourage many houses to get the new solar roofs. Accordingly, that mean a big business to Musk. Currently, there is already a waiting list for the new roofs.

You can know more about the new Tesla solar roofs here. 


These were the top 10 posts for 2016. hope they were helpful.

Happy New Year.