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What you don’t learn in business schools

The movie

There is a famous movie named “Forrest Gump” for Tom Hanks, one of the highest rated movies. The story is about someone called “Forrest Gump”, whose IQ was less than average. He never went to business schools. However, he had a kind heart, and that was enough. He grew up having only two friends. His mother & his friend “Jenny”.

Forrest-Gump-Business schoolsWhen he was younger, some students were annoying him because he is not intelligent. He used to escape by running just as jenny was telling him. However, his running speed got him the opportunity to join one of the best football teams. He was not intelligent, he was unable to get complicated instructions, and he was even unaware of game rules. However, he succeeded and was one of the main players.

Army days

He joined the army and got one more friend. That friend was telling him about his dream of having a fishing boat. Then, during Vietnam War, their unit faced heavy gunfire and many soldiers were injured. Because Forrest had a kind heart, he refused to escape alone even that he was able to. He rescued his friend, his leader and others but his friend died between his arms. Due to this brave act, he got a medal from the president.

Starting Business

Forest Jump-Business schools

After quitting the army, he decided to have a fishing boat. He did not know anything about fishing industry, did not learn in business schools, did not do any feasibility study, and he did not have any vision, mission or strategy. He just did it because that was the wish of his friend. Then it happened that there was a storm and all ships stayed at port except his boat. Therefore, he got all the fishes and earned lot of money.


ForrestGump2 - Business schools

His business expanded by adding more ships. Then business expanded even more to other industries under the management of his previous leader in army. During that all, he did not forget the family of his friend and kept sending them their share of profits.

Forrest not only succeeded, but he became a source of inspiration to the community as well.


In Reality

Forrest is a fictional character. Previously, I was wondering if something like this might happen in real life. Then, I was reading a book where the writer was telling a true story about something slimier. It was about young man who was not gifted a smart mind. He was less smart than average people around him were. His father was a merchant who runs his business through a store that he owns. Father worked hard but his son was unable to continue his school study. He let him leave the school and come to work with him in the store. He tried to teach his son the business rules and transfer to him the long experience he built along the year. Unfortunately, son’s mind was unable to absorb that all. At the end, Father gave up. On the other, the son was kind and he was acting in a nice way with everyone including the employees worked in father’s store. He was expecting the good in everyone so that everyone said that he is a naïve.

Facing the responsibility

Time goes on and father’s life ended. Suddenly, the young man became in charge. He does not know about business. He does not to know about the management or handling a team of store employees. He neither completed study nor got father’s experience. Moreover, He is naïve and easily trusts people. Therefore, everyone was expecting his failure or even getting bankrupt.  However, what happened is totally the opposite.

Being kind and treating all people in a nice way have advantages. What happened is he got support from store employees. They helped him with sincere advices and the business continued successfully.

Wise / not wise decesions

But that wasn’t everything. It happened that he took decisions that seemed stupid to everyone. One day he decided to buy an old house from a poor woman that needs money. The house was very old and located in a poor narrow street. Using the logic calculations, it is useless. However, because he has a kind heart, he bought it with even a high price just to help the woman. Everyone blamed him for losing money in a bad deal. Then, few years later, the situation changed. The street has been renovated. It became a wide street with commercial activities. For everyone’s surprise, he received an offer from someone to buy that house for a huge number that equals many times the original price. He won lot of money. Unlike all the logic calculations, it was a profitable deal.

We need business Schools. but that is not all

So what is the secret?

Actually, success in life is not only about rules and theories we learn in business schools.

Definitely, learning the business rules & business theories are important. However, that is not everything. IN business schools, you will learn how to plan for your business, how to compete, how to increase your market share, How to do marketing for your products … etc. that all will increase the probability of your success. However, it is not guaranteed. Some business people fail even though they know a lot about business.

On the other hand, life give rewards to pure & kind people who have good intentions towards the world. It is something above the logic & plans. They may look weak & lack the ingredients for success. However, their pure heart is the winning key.

Success in life is not limited to business & money. It can be in science, art, sports, or other fields.

Theories are important… but sometimes they mean nothing.

forrest gump - Business schools