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I Worked from home, Amy … WFH Pros & Cons

Work from home - SMEs

One day, I was looking for someone’s contact on my Skype contacts. The status of one of my friends said: “WFH”. My mind was crowded with 100s of e-mails to read, answer or delete with piles of documents to revise and organize. The thought caught my brain for some time (like many small things on social media).
“What does WFH stand for?” I asked my busy self! “could it be (What the “fun” Happened)?” or “Waking up, Feeling, Happy?” or some sort on internet abbreviation like (TYT), (FYI), (BRB)? My curiosity for words and letters is like a child’s curiosity for new toys or to the surprise in a gift box. I even thought to ask that friend on Skype, what does WFH status mean?

Scrolling down my Skype contact list again few days later. I found more of my Skype contacts with this status on.  I figured the connection between those contacts on my Skype. All of them are coworkers, colleagues, clients or partners in similar field.

Another day i found one of my closest coworkers with this freaking status “WFH” on his Skype. I got the courage to ask him, what does WFH mean. ”Hey, wassup man? How r ya? What does WFH stand for?” I asked politely with this yellow thing at the end of my question >>> “:-)”. “Ahmed, What is matter with you? We hardly see you at office, we think you are the son of the boss, prince charming!!!” he replied quickly! “It’s Working From Home!”

Work from home - Couch

So, it is “Work from home”

I work from home for more than 4 or 5 years. I rarely went to office. Luckily my job did not ask too much office hours. My bosses were understanding and supportive. So I did not blind in the “Space Out” mood from the movie Office Space 1999. Along with the fact that I’m not the office type of person who likes to dress and go to office on a certain time to crush my educated brain in the city’s transportation system. Sign in then bide the hours to sign out. Yet, my concentration is madly lowered by 50% with the presence of door-knockers for side-chats, leg-stretchers for a cup of gossip and professional time-wasters. That ain’t me babe, it ain’t me!

It has been analyzed, studied and educated in modern management all over the world. Some even say it was not that modern anyway! For ages; writers, scientist, artists, academics and geniuses were more creative and productive when they worked from home.

When Marissa Mayer took the leading role as Yahoo’s CEO, she firmly banned her 12,000 employees from working from home. They were supposed to attend to office in a normal manner. While Yahoo workers were in the internet world, who could get the freaking job done wherever they are!

Here are the Pros and Cons of this “work from home” debatable management style.

Work from homePros

  • No need to dress-up for work. From bed to desk. Not to forget the sweet morning coffee that is not on-the-run!
  • No transportation hassle. In a crowded metropolitan, the time wasted on the road to office is money, depression and spiritual suffocation by all means. work from home will save your time & efforts.
  • No office gossip. Unless gossipers will still have their meal of side-talks on social media or chat rooms.
  • Concentration level is controllable. You can adjust your work space the way you “like”.
  • No boss is looking over your shoulder. Maybe your boss is emailing you, phoning you. You will grasp the motivation and support more wisely when it’s not in a “Lumbergh” style, from the movie Office Space again :-).
  • If you are married and with children, you “may” have a convenient room to spend time with your family. Otherwise you are madly screwed, dude!


  • Unless you are phenomenally self-disciplined, you will not be able to fulfill the required productivity.
  • You will get isolated from social events and become a lone ranger. If you are an extroverted type. It’s advisable to visit your office from time to time to socialize.
  • You will have a lot to do to gain your colleagues and your boss’s trust. You are being judged by quantitative information. Rather than human or qualitative measures (Sometimes both are needed for development and self-evaluation).
  • With too much work from home. You “may” become a “Mort Rainey” from Stephen King’s Secret Window, Secret Garden! A weirdo, schizophrenic or maybe violent. That is a wild fact when you are not meeting with people.


  • If you are working for a company. Try to maintain a casual presence in the office. Socialize and meet with your coworkers at least once a week.
  • If you are some kind of a freelancer with no office commitment. It’s recommended to involve yourself into social events every once and while.
  • Try not to let the work from home consume your health and family time. Harder than it seems, takes a lot of effort like hell!
  • Create your own “help-desk”. Be prepared with plans for technical support, administrative tasks and mentor-ship.

After all, it’s all about how you can balance.